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Pack 951 Hiking Program


Hiking offers a great opportunity for Scouts to gain outdoor skills that make them more self-reliant and build character.

Pack 951 has six hikes scheduled for 2019-2020. Hikes will take place on Saturdays, beginning at 3 PM.  See the Hiking Calendar for details on each outing.

Our next hike will be at the Briar Chapel trails on Nov 23, 3:00 PM, at Briar Chapel Parkway / Tobacco Farm Way, Tobacco Farm Way, Chapel Hill.

Scouts  "learn by doing" when they explore trails and complete challenges they may have thought were beyond their ability. Scouts who participate in the hike will earn a Hiking Stave.  Part of the fun of earning hiking staves is purchasing hiking medallions to attach to it.

Please contact Nick Van Hoene at with any questions.

See you on the trail!

Each hiker should bring basic
hiking gear
  • Flashlight

  • Filled water bottle

  • Whistle

  • First aid kit

  • Sun protection

  • Trail food

  • If it looks like rain, bring rain gear.

  • Hikers should wear appropriate footwear (no sandals or crocs, please.)

Webs I and II are encouraged to bring the 10 Essentials of Boy Scouting
  1. Pocketknife

  2. Rain gear

  3. Trail food

  4. Flashlight

  5. Extra clothing

  6. First-aid kit

  7. Sun protection

  8. Map and compass

  9. Matches and fire starters

  10. Water bottle

Hiking Calendar

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Hiking Calendar
hiking calendar




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