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Wintergreen Ski adventure February 1

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

The forecast looks favorable for our ski trip on February 1!  Here's the information you will need for the trip:

Sign up

You must sign up using the SignUp Genius link in the email from Mr. Otuel so that we can try for Group Rates for the Pack (only available for groups of 20 skiers or more). The Pack will contribute $40 toward a lift ticket/rental for each Scout attending.  Families are responsible for all other costs/expenses.


Wintergreen Ski Resort; Route 664; Wintergreen, VA 22958; 434.325.2200

Wintergreen Resort is about 3 ½ hours from our area. The outing can be done as a day trip, but lodging may make your trip more enjoyable. Lodging information is below.


Saturday, February 1. Eight hour skiing session from approximately 12-8 p.m. 

We will all need to meet at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, February 1, near the bus/vans at the Skyline Pavilion to distribute the tickets.

Ski lessons are offered by the resort and snow tubing is also available; please let me know if you are interested in either lessons or tubing) Ticket pickup will be at 11:00 a.m.


The cost will vary depending on whether enough attend to garner Group Rates.

Group Rates: $76/ticket; $33/rental; $109 total cost

Regular Rates: Adults -- $94/ticket; $44/rental; $138 total cost

 Youth -- $74/ticket; $39/rental; $113 total cost

Required Waivers/Forms

Anyone renting equipment needs to ensure they are pre-registered on the resort at  Even if you have registered before, especially for children, it is important to update information as rental requirements are determined by height, weight, age, etc.

Any children under 18 who will not be accompanied by their parents need to bring a signed rental waiver agreement:


Accommodations are available at Wintergreen Ski Resort. Please call 855-699-1858 for availability and rates. There are other affordable options nearby as well.

Best Western, Waynesboro, VA, approximately $98/night

Village Inn, Lovingston, VA, approximately $73/night





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