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Pinewood Derby 2020: Schedule and Details

Pinewood Derby is one of the highlights of the Pack’s year. Cub Scouts create a design for their racer and, using the official Pinewood Derby Race Car kit, carve their design from the wood block provided in the kit, and then add paint, decals and other accessories for the finishing touches.


Trials: Saturday January: 11, 2020

2-5 p.m.

Briar Chapel Clubhouse - downstairs community center

The track will be set up for Scouts to test their cars. Tools will be available if Scouts want to work on their cars, or if they need any help building their cars.

Race Day: Saturday, January 25

Woods Charter School

2-6 p.m.

Check-in will begin at 2:30. Time trials and double elimination tournament will begin shortly after that.

Food will be available for purchase on Pinewood Derby Race Day.


For 2020, the Shakori District Pinewood Derby will have the following categories:

  • Speed – Fastest car

  • Americana Theme – Apple Pie, Baseball, 4th of July, Hot dog, Ice Cream, Drive-in, Route 66, American Flag, Uncle Sam, etc.

  • Winter Theme – snow, skating, hot cocoa, hockey, Olympics, etc.

  • Scouts’ Choice – Scouts vote for their favorite car.

If you need to miss part of the race:

We understand that there may be schedule conflicts for sports and other activities. If a Scout must be absent for part of the race, the Pack will allow another Scout to race the car for them. Scouts are responsible for finding a stand-in racer, so if a stand-in will be needed, please be sure to find another Scout who will to be ready to race your car for you, prior to race day.





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